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Last week I was designing in Solidworks 2015 and suddenly encountered a problem while sketching. All my dimensions where flipping in Sketch mode. The numbers and lines are there, and appear and disappear when changing the 3D orientation of my view. However, it looks kind of random when I see my dimensions, and sometimes I see them partly.

I knew that I triggered it somehow, however I had no clue what it could be. After all, I did a lot of designing last week and used several features during that process.

A solidwork sketch with broken dimensions

The dimensions in on the left are missing and only the equation sign in the angle dimension is visible.

After changing several settings and performing a deep search on Google, I did not solved my problem. Question about missing dimensions in Solidworks were asked multiple times, however this was just about a setting that completely turned of the dimensions. Which was not the problem in my case.

The sneaky problem

The logic next step was to post the problem on the Solidworks Forum here. Within ten minutes I got two answers which solved my problem.
The problem occurs when perspective view is turned ON. The change of appearance in 3D messes up the dimensions rendering in Sketch mode. So the obvious way to solve my problem is to turn off the perspective view. Indeed it solved my problem. Perspective view setting can be found on the screen as shown in the image, or under View -> Display.

Location of the perspective view button

The perspective view can be switched on/off under the graphics button

The alternative fix

Do you really want to keep perspective view on, then don’t worry, there is a second solution for this problem. Solidworks offers the setting to flatten the dimensions to the screen, which removes the bold font, but enables you to see the dimensions in perspective view. A check-marks need to be set for Display dimensions flat to screen and another for notes can be set as well. Both settings can be found under: Tools -> Options -> Display/Selection.

Thank you guys for the share of knowledge and solving my problem.

Option menu of Solidworks

The two check-marks for flat the dimensions can be found in the options under