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Last year I started this website to play again with HTML, CSS and PHP and building a website for real. I installed WordPress, forked an exisiting theme Oblate and started tweaking around. This learned me how a content management system (CMS) was working, and how programs like SASS benefit in the developing the style of the website. And … then I stopped maintaining my website. I was finishing up my thesis and the dust started to collect on top of this website. Content started to get outdated, information about I was doing became incorrect. Fortunately, I got less then ten views per day, and most go to the water meter pulse blog, so not a lot of people were noticing it.

New life

Coming home after traveling, I found it is time to facelift my website. Removing old content, update the style and distinguish my projects better. Make my website more like a portfolio website with a little blog next to it instead of the other way around.


To get a little programming challenge in this project, I decided to build my new Minimal Effort Theme from scratch. I like minimalistic good looking websites, hence the minimal, because you know: “less is more”. The CSS is kept to the bare minimum, hence the minimal effort. No fancy sidebars, sliding menu’s, etc.

And now it is live. The 21Connect, the solar car my team and I have build back in 2011, is shown on the front page in ASCII art. The project page is inspired by the portfolio page of Claudio Calautti. I reconstructed his design, but omitted the animations in order to keep it minimal effort.

Disclaimer: The code of the theme is not focused on publishing, so if it doesn’t meet your standards you know why 😉 Oh btw, I’m not done with filling content, coding and debugging yet.