In January I left my student house and moved to an apartment with my girlfriend. In the first few months we build a kitchen island and our own table from scaffolding wood. The next item in the house needed was a coat and hat rack. A chair is an ideal solution to throw your coat on, but it is temporary. After a while the coats stack up, or you have friends around and need that extra chair.

So, time to build my own coat and hat rack. I found my inspiration on Pinterest and pinned some racks that I liked. I really like the structure and often the colors of old pallets, therefore I scavenged a old pallet from my work. Moving it on the back of my bike for an expected 20 minute ride, took me 45 minutes with the necessary stops to recover.

After 3 weeks left in the shed, I started to cut the pallet into a smaller piece which would fit my reversed area. After grinding the wood, I stained it so it will holds its color longer and is more protected against wet coats. From my sister-in-law I received a coat rack which I mounted on the pallet. And an additional plank from the pallet is used to extend the hat rack. Now it can hold my rain clothing bags and some pop-up umbrella’s.

The white spots on the second image – the coat-hat rack attached to the wall – is wall filler residue.

The next step in this project would probably be to process two more planks to hide those residues. Or I leave it like that, because in some way, I like this imperfection.