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Wow, I started to work on a new and very challenging project.
Together with my girlfriend we’re going to start a new company called: SattvicWeb.

Our mission is to help starting entrepreneurs to build their dream website.

Freelancers, self-employed entrepreneurs and low-budget companies often don’t have the cash flow to invest in a website designer.
Furthermore, a website course like a WordPress cost between the 500 and 1000 euros. However, then you only know the tools to build a website.
Topics like branding, responsive design, Woo-commerce, mailing lists, SEO, etc. are often not included.

We think these topics are way more important than to know everything about WordPress.
There is a need for a minimalistic website development course for low-budget entrepreneurs.

And there is where we kick in!

We are creating a 2 month website development course where you learn only the essentials of WordPress to build your website.
The rest of the course we focus on the important parts, like branding and grow strategy.

Sarah en I are very excited to start this adventure and hope to see a lot of beautiful, but more important effective websites.

PS. Our free e-book to create more impact with your website is coming soon. Add yourself to our mailinglist on SattvicWeb, so you won’t miss it!