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My bedroom lamp is quite bright and not dimmable, next to that it cannot be remote control (i.e. I have to get out of bed). I got a night light, but that one is still quite bright. Especially if one wants to sleep and the other half wants to read a book in bed. To solve this problem, I bought a remote controlled dimmable RGB LED strip and I installed it on my bed.

I know that you are thinking “Wow, big issue, just move the night light to the readers side of the bed, issue solved”, and yes that is true. But now I have also a super awesome disco bed :mrgreen:


I mounted a wooden beam behind my bed at 2 cm of the edge and a part of the LED strip is taped on to this. This hides the LEDs just enough from the view, without reducing the light too much. Both items are mounted with double-sided adhesive tape.

Led strip support

Wood support mounted with adhesive tape

The remainder of the 5m LED strip is divided into two pieces and mounted under both sides of the bed. The LED strips are soldered with some wires to each other. I did an empirical study during this project; Conclusion: I found out that the solder iron was hot 🙄

Picture of my bed with glowing LED lights

Final result, one LED strip at both side of the bed and a long one behind the bed.


I used the following materials
– 5050 SMD LED strip 5m (Action merk Dymond)
– 18x18mm 270cm wood (Schaaflat vuren OS Praxis)
– Soldering tools and wires
– 3M Adhesive tape

Video and images

I shot some images of the process / final result and I created a video for the family. In this video the side strips were not mounted yet.